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Compliance Packaging

Trivillian’s primary goal is to bring you the most advanced, safe, efficient and convenient way of administrating your medications. That is why we are now offering the Trivillian’s Pill Pak process. 


Because of the way the medications are packed, you will have the right medications; in the right dose at the right time you need them. This will significantly reduce the time you spend separating your own medications while allowing you to still keep your medications in the pharmacy’s packaging.


The Trivillian’s Pill Pack system helps reduce errors from either not knowing if you took your medications to making sure you took the right ones.

Medication Therapy Management

Trivillian’s Pharmacy is also committed to helping patients manage their medications.  The pharmacist works along with the patient and their physician to find an individualized plan to help each patient maximize the benefits of their medications while minimizing or preventing adverse effects, interactions, costs, and waste.


Some examples of medication management services are:


A formal medication therapy review


A sit down meeting between a patient and pharmacist to review all
medications, including non-prescription medications and herbals.


Helping a patient understand the importance or need for a new medication


Checking blood pressure to help a patient monitor if their medication is effective


Discussing reasons for late refills, whether it is a matter of forgetfulness,
cost, or adverse effect and helping the patient resolve the issue


Recommending less costly generic medications that are just as effective as more expensive brand name medications


Discussing preventative health care strategies like vaccinations, health screenings, and lifestyle modifications to limit future medical conditions

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