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Long Term Care/Assisted Living

Trivillian’s currently services a variety of Long Term Care facilities. We offer superior customer service to residents in assisted living facilities, adult care homes, independent living communities, group homes, and behavioral health homes.

We offer the perfect medication administration solution for patient safety and compliance for residents in assisted living and group homes that can aid you in improving your patient health care, as well as ensuring your residents’ safety.


Trivillian’s team of pharmacy professionals works hard to ensure your residents' medications are appropriate and accurately dispensed, with our ultimate goal to enhance residents' quality of life.


Our pharmacists serve as a critical link between the physicians and your facility while our consultant pharmacists conduct frequent medication reviews to help your staff provide the highest level of resident care.


Exceptional customer service, specialized packaging and a local feel are just a few of the additional reasons why you should team up with Trivillian’s for your long term care needs.

What can we do for your facility?

Available 24 Hours/7 Days a week


Delivery 7 days a week


Provide Medication and Treatment Carts/Storage Cabinets for Meds


Conducting Drug Regimen Reviews


Providing specialized packaging of medications to simplify administration and accountability


Providing support with State and Local surveys


Providing forms for MAR's, Personal Care Records, Narcotic Count, Return to Pharmacy,

Reorder Sheets, and Fax Cover Sheets

Providing prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies

Billing ALL 3rd-party insurances and/or Medicaid

Above is just an outline of our general services. We understand that each facility is different and we will work with you on a customizable program that is both, cost effective and beneficial.

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