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Why Choose Trivillian's Pharmacy?

When searching for services that can aide you with health concerns, remember that selecting a pharmacy

that can meet your needs is very important. Below are just a few reasons why Trivillian’s Pharmacy is the

right choice for you. ​

Local Economy Support

Buying from a local pharmacy supports the local economy. When a customer buys from Trivillian’s Pharmacy, it provides jobs for pharmacists, technicians, and other staff. Not to mention, a large percentage of the money made stays in the community and does not go to some large corporate office located in another state.

Pharmacist Friendly

Our pharmacists take the time to get to know you by name, in fact, it’s not uncommon for customers to develop personal relationships with the staff and treat you like a neighbor, because that's, who you are. A personal relationship ensures great service. The value is placed on you and not your money – unlike big chain stores, whose service mostly come with impersonal service and long wait times. Your Trivillian’s pharmacist will be familiar with all of your medications and can answer any questions that you might have concerning them. 


If you take medications prescribed by more than one physician, or even multiple medications prescribed by the same physician, there is always the possibility that an adverse drug reaction could occur. In other words, a medical problem could arise when two
or more medications have been prescribed that should not be used together. The best way to avoid such problems is to have a
single pharmacy provide all of your prescriptions. The pharmacist then becomes familiar with your medications and can employ
his or her expertise to monitor your medication use, thus limiting or preventing any problems from occurring with your unique set
of medicines.

Free Delivery

Have you ever known the big chain retailers to offer free home delivery. No they don’t! At Trivillian’s, we make Free Deliveries all over the Valley, five days a week. No matter if your sick, injured, or just can’t make it to the pharmacy. Just let us know and we will deliver your prescription right to your door. 


Your medications can be provided in specialized ways to meet your individual needs. We offer many types of single and multi-dose packaging from vials to pill packs, we have you covered. This will help ensure that you will receive: The Right Medication… and the Right Dose… at the Right Time.

Compounding Services

Trivillian’s specializes in Compounded Medication. Compounding may be done for medically necessary reasons, such as changing the medication form from a solid pill to a liquid, avoiding a non-essential ingredient that triggers a customer’s allergies, or tailoring an exact dose to the customer’s needs.

Now Specializing in Pet Compounding!
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